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Application Catagories

Robot Guidance

ProcessChamp's will apply it's Robot Guidance technology to applications such as flying closures in automotive bodyshop applications to helping tailor welded blank manufacturers ensure near zero gap before welding or stirring their blanks.  If you need robots to be more accurate for your application, we can help!

Adaptive Tooling

ProcessChamp's Adaptive Tooling technology allows manufacturers to optimize their assembly processes.  From optimizing flush and gap, to ensuring near zero gap, we will optimize your assembly process using real-time measurements or trend data.

Automated Part Inspection

ProcessChamp will automate your inspection process by integrating the latest in Vision, 3-D scanning and Laser Radar hardware solutions.  With the advancements of collaborative robots, automation is no longer an all or nothing decision.  Read this case study of a medium sized forging company who eased into automation and carved out a niche by gaining cost advantages from automating key areas of their process.

Tailor Welded Blanks

An alternative to dedicated tooling using mechanical crowders, ProcessChamp empowrs tailor welded blank manufacturers to join blanks (production or prototype level) using ProcessChamp's adaptive tooling or robot guidance.

Closed Loop Manufacturing

Acquiring the data is the first step.  ProcessChamp technology closes the loop between known incoming product variations, real-time assembly data, manufacturing processes and smart assembly adjustments- ProcessChamp technology solutions helps make higher quality assemblies with considerably lower scrap costs.  Download the ProcessChamp whitepaper.

AGV Pickup Stations

The AGV Pickup station solves two problems.  We first pick up the vehicle by locating the holes and guiding our pins to the hole's center, effectively eliminating damage to the holes.  Second, we present the vehicle to the assembly cell with a repeatably of .5mm.

Large Scale Photogrammetry

Possibly the fastest way to measure body in white, aero-structures, assemblies and other large bodies or assemblies.  Acquiring  3-D point-clouds has never been faster or easier.  Acquisition of body in white point-cloud takes seconds, not hours or days.

Large Scale Robot Scanning

When speed and quality of data is paramount, the ProcessChamp Array system is the answer.  We can equip one robot with multiple heads resulting in acquisition of entire body sides from one or only a few positions.

Robot Toolpath for 3D Line Scanning

Reliable inspection of entire assemblies is at the core of what ProcessChamp is.  We specialize in automating inspection and delivering actionalble data to humans and smart systems.


ProcessChamp's works with customers with a comprehensive concept phase that is well communicated by visual process layouts.  From there we proceed with various degrees of collaboration based on our customers desired level of involvement.  We will ultimately deliver a custom solution that will increase productivity, improve quality, gain efficiencies and improve overall competitiveness.

BIW CMM Replacement

Large Scale Inspection doesn't have to be slow, tedious and expensive.  Using FARO's affordable Laser Radar integrated by ProcessChamp, your CMM can be replaced by a $250,000 solution that is mach faster, lower maintenance and relatively portable compared to a fixed CMM.

Defect Detection

ProcessChamp can automate your defect detection process by integrating the latest in Vision, 3-D scanning solutions.  Powered by deep learning software, our solution will detect defects far faster and more reliably than human inspectors.  Call to see if we can help you automate your defect detection process.

 Download the Adaptive Tooling Whitepaper

 Download the "BIW Photogrammetry" Whitepaper

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