ProcessChamp is betting big on the Automotive OEM’s appetite for using quality data in real-time.  Their smart tooling and robot guidance technology adjusts tooling pin locations based on pre-assembly measurement data.  “There’s a perfect storm of technology advancements that has led to the current opportunity for manufacturers to close the loop and utilize the measurement data for assembly corrections in real-time.” says George Gahnam, founder and CTO of ProcessChamp  “I’ve been hearing from manufacturers that they want to measure in-line and near-line and use this data to make better vehicles.  Everything is now in place.  We’ve developed the technology to make assemblies informed by real-time quality data.”  The feedback has been very positive, but it’s going to take the right company to overcome the paradigm govern decisions in the tooling and assembly process that have been solidified over generations.  For example, imagine telling a tooling manager responsible for the tooling that assembles frames for the F-150 that his tooling pins will move on a weekly, daily or even for every vehicle that comes down the line.  This is exactly what ProcessChamp is empowering manufacturers to do.  Their adaptive tooling and assembly has the potential to give the pioneers a decisive advantage in both quality and and costs.  **See Whitepaper**

Enabler #1:  One of the enabling advancements that have allowed ProcessChamp to close the loop are the lowering of Metrology hardware costs such as FARO Technologies’ Laser Radar system that renders large CMMs all but obsolete in the inspection of Body In White sized structures.  This technology allows ProcessChamp to bring CMM level measurements to automated assembly lines with no added footprint.  What’s better is the speed of the measurements are 5-20 times faster than CMMs.

Enabler #2:  Another enabling development is the higher rate of adoption of 3DCS’s (Dimensional Control Systems) Dimensional analysis modeling software for use in virtual variation modeling.  Their software tools help the tooling engineers conceptualize the tooling moves the ProcessChamp system will be making in real-time, thus giving our tooling experts the confidence to take the bold step of letting ProcessChamp make better vehicles with much lower scrap costs.

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